Regular massage relieves tension and pain

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Emotional stress can affect your body, resulting, in certain muscles becoming overactive and tight, resulting in pain.  A regular massage can help keep this tension in check.

Our team are well versed in the most advanced massage techniques.

Sitting correctly can help avoid back pain

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Don’t Sit for too long

For all your office based workers, taxi drivers, or anyone who spends extended periods of time sitting down. The ideal sitting posture is one that continually changes, thus preventing any single tissue from accumulating too much strain.

All round fast, effective pain relief

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Whether you are suffering lower back pain, neck pain, headaches or even sports injuries, it can be difficult to know whether a Liverpool Physio or a Liverpool Chiropractor would be more suitable for you. It is a frequently asked question at Liverpool Chiropractic Clinic, ‘What is The Difference between a chiropractor and physiotherapist?

Take care of your feet they are your support

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Have your feet assessed by a podiatrist

As a house is built on a solid, well structured foundation, the same is true of our bodies. The Correct alignment and distribution of your feet is essential for an optimal postural alignment.

Fast, Effective Relief for Back Pain

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Most back pain / injuries are not due to serious injury or disease, rather a result of poor body mechanics and posture. These injuries can be treated and you shouldn’t panic. Controlling anxiety and fear of re-injury or causing further damage is very important in regaining normal function and healing.

Experts in Sport Injury

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Dr Alex Eatly is a Sports Chiropractor holding a Masters of Chiropractic from The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Following his first degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Alex completed his qualifications in personal training, before returning to do his Masters of Chiropractic in Cardiff.

Do you suffer from ITB Syndrome?

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ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) is a common overuse  injury occurring in many athletes especially runners. The condition is characterised by irritation and  inflammation of the ITB present in the outer side of thigh region from hip to knee.

About the Iliotibial band

Poor diet can lead to poor health

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It’s amazing how many of our health issues can be attributed to a poor diet. These days we find everyone has a diet that is highly inflammatory from the excess amounts of sugar and highly processed foods, it's  no wonder our bodies break down so easily. Recent research has shown that our dietary habits promote a state of chronic inflammation in your body. The food we eat is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling inflammation, pain and healing.

How can shockwave therapy help you?

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"Nader recommended shockwave therapy for my shoulder as other treatments not working. I started the 6 week course end of April by week 4 I had more movement than I had had for months by week 6 I had full rotation. 5 weeks later and no deterioration still have full mobility would recommend to anyone with restricted shoulder mobility. Not painful, bit noisy and slight discomfort at beginning but well worth it."

Keep moving - it's the key to staying pain free

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It is difficult to move around as much as we should when most of us sit behind desks all day working and modern society encourages us to be couch potatoes.  Another hindrance to movement is being advised to rest when you have an injury or back pain.  However, it is better if you move more often to keep things moving and supple. 

Another contributing factor to back pain is standing for too long and standing incorrectly.

Don’t Stand for longer than 2 hours.