Acupuncture is increasingly used in mainstream healthcare. By inserting fine, sterile, disposable needles into specific points in the body, a physiological response is stimulated which triggers the body’s natural recovery response to improve the functioning of the whole person, not just treat the symptoms.

At Liverpool Chiropractic Clinic we provide safe, effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. Our approach incorporates research-based treatment with traditional therapies and includes acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle advice and massage.

Acupuncture is increasingly used in mainstream healthcare as its therapeutic value for a growing number of conditions is recognised. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends acupuncture as a treatment option for lower back pain, chronic tension headaches and migraines.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture or Dry needling is an invasive procedure in which a fine needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point. A myofascial trigger point consists of multiple contraction knots, which are related to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle.

During acupuncture at our sports therapy clinic nerve endings are stimulated and various hormones are released, e.g. endorphins and encephalins, which have a calming effect on the body and can stimulate healing. Acupuncture needles also work by releasing contracted muscles which are pressing on nerve endings and so causing pain

How Does It Work?

Acupuncture (Dry needling) can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal problems. Muscles are thought to be a primary contributing factor to the symptoms. Such conditions include, but are not limited to neck, back and shoulder pain, arm pain (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, golfer’s elbow), headache to include migraines and tension-type headaches, jaw pain, buttock pain and leg pain (sciatica, hamstrings strains, calf tightness/spasms).

The treatment of muscles has the greatest effect on reducing pain mechanisms in the nervous system.

Is It Painful?

Most patients do not feel the insertion of the needle. The local twitch response elicits a very brief (less than a second) painful response. Some patients describe this as a little electrical shock; others feel it more like a cramping sensation. Again, the therapeutic response occurs with the elicitation of local twitch responses and that is a good and desirable reaction.

Your Treatment Plan

We only use sterile disposable needles.

Typically, it takes a couple of visits for a significant improvement to take place, however this is vastly improved through the combination of chiropractic and sports massage.