Try to avoid rounding your back and bending forward with activities such as shaving, brushing your teeth, dressing, making the bed, or moving around in the kitchen.

Try the following:

Keep objects that you are lifting or carrying close to your body.

The farther the object is from your body, the greater the strain.

Slide objects close to you or step toward them before lifting.

Work with your upper body as close to upright as possible & minimise twisting of the upper body.

For low work, bend your knees, squat, kneel or consider a longer handled tool.

Maintain the natural inward curve of your low back.

This curve tends to flatten who you sit or bend increasing the strain on your back.

Take extra care and warm up at high risk times.

After a day off, first thing in the morning or just after waking up, after breaks or long periods of inactivity. Other times are after sitting or driving ( the combination of sitting and vibration is especially hard on your back.

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