Liverpool Chiropractic Clinic

I have seen various doctors and surgeons about my back and had plenty of physioÔÇÖs ask me to touch my toes and massage me lightly with their fingertips.

AlexÔÇÖs technique initially seems a bit unorthodox, but in a really good way. I’m pretty confident he could pinpoint your problem without asking a single question, heÔÇÖs got a really good method of deduction. It helps that Alex and his team understand sports too, you get a real sense that they ÔÇÿget itÔÇÖ when you explain that you have trouble with certain exercises, and help to re-balance things without having to give up the gym etc.

Alex and Leia both do what they do really well, and I like that they have their specialism’s, as opposed to one person who just generally does everything. irrespective of your ailment I would recommend these guys whole heartedly, office based or sports fanatic, or somewhere in between I think a regular check in here has improved my training a lot and helped me navigate around the pain I used to suffer.

TheyÔÇÖre actually that good that despite my health insurance covering my treatment elsewhere I opted to pay to come to Liverpool Chiropractic Clinic.

And you will adjust to the welsh accent eventually (I couldn’t be too positive in my review)ÔÇÖ Peter Fletcher